Any fellow investors playing in the Pittsfield, MA market?

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@Alan Brown

Hey Alan I have 3 multi families under contract, 2 units each, 6 units total. I’m just debating whether I should keep them in my portfolio as long term rentals, do some cosmetics and re list them on the mls, or just sell all 3 for 270k. Rents are $800 per unit. My market is down in CT. I’m just shopping some options as they are 2 hours from my area and trying to avoid the headache. Any interest in taking these off my hands ? Thanks

Let me rephrase my original response: I am a bit player! Thanks for throwing me a crumb! I have limited resources and am in the "C" market. Inventory is super low so I would be interested in seeing what you have!

Hey @Thomas J Mele ,  maybe PM me with more details... 

and @Amy Turnbull , we have a small but great group of folks at every level that try to meet up once a month.  Of course it's all been by zoom for COVID, but at some point I'm sure we'll meet in person again!  You should join us.. the more the merrier.

It's a seriously crazy week but I'm always up for meeting co conspirators!  do you know what day you might be up?  They're in P'field right?  Not springfield..?

Friday might be best for me.  Did you send me any details, like addresses?  I can be a bit of a luddite, and sometimes don't see stuff that comes to me.  

Reason I ask is, the price sounds good, but I just bought a bunch of stuff and am stabilizing them, not sure how much time I have to do a lot of fix up.  



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