Hold or flip?? looking for some input

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So im new to investing in RE, Im currently investing in single family homes. Im renting one out now & currently renovating one. This renovation has taken way longer than expected, being its covid and there's a lot of weird contractors out here. Im not going to beat myself up about it, I give myself credit for at least  taking the leap.

these are the numbers

19k for initial purchase

10k on new roof and patios

maybe 6k inside with labor

arv 65-70k

im torn between holding or flipping...we are about 85% done I've owned about 6 months

There's not really a right or wrong answer.  It depends on your goals and your market.  If it'll cash flow with a tenant and continue to appreciate, why not hold it?  Are you wanting to 1031 into a bigger better project?  I guess it comes down to whether you want the cash injection or the cash flow.  With our properties, we typically get to about the same point you're at before we decide to sale or hold.  It's a numbers game and can vary based on your market and the season.

Good luck!

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