Tiny Home Financing Program

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My sister is looking to buy a tiny home in TX as her primary residence and do short term rentals on the weekend. I am also looking to buy a tiny home in the same community as a short term rental. I currently live out of state in NH. The community offers a financing program, however the interest rate is super high. There's also a standard monthly tax and maintenance fee $700. Does tiny home community restricts other types of financing such as conventional mortgage loan from other banks? Has anyone else bought a tiny home and used other financing program? I have attached the financing program information here. Thanks for your time! Any advice is appreciated!

List of fees associated with RV Financing:

Sales Tax of 6.25%

RV Registration fee $33

Titling fee $150

Other fees that may be financed or paid up front. Fees are subject to change without notice. Doc-Prep fee $350

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