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Hello all.

I will be relocating to Corpus Christi, TX in Q1 of 2022 and am interested in purchasing a rental property in the area. As an active duty military member, I am particularly interested in purchasing a small multi-family property by way of the VA loan, but I am open to other property types and financing strategies, so long as the long-term cash flow numbers make sense.

Long story short, I am looking to connect with investors, agents, lenders, and property managers in the area to learn more about the Corpus Christi market, and, in doing so, determine what criteria to focus on as I begin my search for a home. 

Feel free to comment or contact me directly. Thank you!

@Collin Argue

My wife and I live and invest here in the Corpus area and happy to give my two cents.

A lot of military folks live in an area called The Island. This is also called North Padre. Easy commute to the base and easy access to the beach and fishing as well. Prices here are higher compared to most of Corpus, but I think you’ll see the property hold its value and appreciate well. Because it’s closer to the coast, insurance will be higher here FYI. There are several duplexes though, and rentals seem to be in high demand.

The base is located in Flour Bluff, which is further into Corpus compared to the Island. There are some nice places here as well and a good school district.

Some of the biggest growth is south side of Corpus. You’ll see a lot of new construction here, and good schools as well.

I know there are other areas some people prefer, but these are the ones I’m most familiar with. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

Marko Rubel
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What's your price point on a 4-plex? You will want to familiarize yourself with Corpus as soon as possible as there may be areas you're not comfortable living in even if you do find a good deal on a quad. But your price point will be the determining factor. You may be better off buying a house and renting rooms to your fellow military members.