Seller financing on market property

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I’m wondering if it is ever possible to snag seller financing for a multi family property that is listed by a real estate agent on the market? How would real estate agents be compensated when you were not using a bank and seller financing instead? Is it reasonable to reach out to the agent about the property asking if the owner would be interested in seller financing?

Yes, completely possible for seller financing in this and many other scenarios. Seller financing has nothing to do with the agents commission. They get paid on the % of sales price, 100% independent of the means of buyer's financing. SO yes, reach out to the agent and make an offer of X, or Y with seller financing (with Y being greater than x). This gives seller two options, and the agent a means to help negotiate to meet your terms.

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@Gabriel Kreider

Absolutely! The agent gets paid because he has a signed listing agreement. The method of financing has no bearing on the agent’s commissions. If you go straight to the listing agent and he writes the offer for you, he’ll get both sides of commission. It never hurts to ask if they want to do seller financing.