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Getting into self-storage

Posted Jan 25 2022, 13:18

Hello all and thanks in advance!

My brother and I are looking to pivot into self storage. We have 100+ SF units and are under contract for our 1st MF syndication. We want to continue in MF but looking ahead we want to diversify into self storage. Just looking for tips and advice along with these questions:

- How do you analyze self storage properties? (Spreadsheets, back of napkins? If you’re willing to share any docs or analysis tools I’d appreciate it)

- how do you analyze the market of a self storage space?

- how to find self storage properties for sale? (Outside of loopnet - are there any good brokers in the OK, AR, KS, MO area? I’ve contacted a couple and have heard nada back)

-anything else you have to over from a knowledge/advice perspective!

thank you!

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