David Lindahl

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Hello everyone! Was wondering if anyone has had success with David, his course materials, partnering and boot camp education. As this is a new field we are entering into; was interested in cash outlay factors with multi unit scenarios as well. Many thanks and happy investing.

I haven't bought anything from David, but I heard him speak one time over at REaudiotips.com and he gave some good tips in that interview. At the end of the day he didn't quite sell me on his program though...

What is your investment objective?

If you have a clear objective of what you want to do, it might be easier to determine what the best program is for you.

Are you looking to rehab and flip, buy and hold, or buy and flip.

What is it that you want to do with your investment program?

my 2 sense

I have experience with Dave Lindahl and I have found his materials to be very good. David is very thorough and works hard to understand the market cycles in various cities throughout the country. His approach to commercial residential is very straight forward and he provides a good business system for trying to duplicate his efforts. I would recommend his materials and events.