Searching for Commercial properties for sale

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@Joe Gilroy Your ROI is going to be very dependent on your individual circumstances. So there will not be an easy way to search based on that. As @Peter Harris mentioned, you could filter properties by cap rate, as that is a simple calculation of NOI/Sales Price. But that is different than ROI. Also, the problem with LoopNet is that unless you pay for Premium Search, you get a very limited amount of listings back. The only ones that you will see will be those that the listing agent (or seller) paid for Premium Listing.

Your best bet is to find a good CRE buyer broker. Depending on your product type and price range, you may have to pay them (often times in investment sales the listing agent does not pay the buyer broker - different than residential).

You may have a hard time finding one to help unless you can show that you are a serious investor with a specific product/price in mind. Not saying you aren't, just the way brokers are.

I've heard that most of the multi-family deals never reach MLS/loopnet. They only get there when the seller(s) are unable to trick the local buyers. The posts there usually are meant to attract the "california buyers"(pejorative for a dumb buyer) to which everything looks cheap.