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Currently our company is purchasing a distressed car wash in our local market. This is a swing for us as its a turn on the investment real estate game as the business is being purchased with the real estate. Subject to the environmental on the property coming in clean the deal appears to be more than likely to happen.

I am looking for any advice and recommendations from anyone whom has purchased, operated worked on etc. an automated car wash.

A little about the property, currently there are 4 self serve bays and a Automated Laser Wash. The traffic count on the road is more than adequate as its a 4 lane thorough fair into the City. It currently doesn't have a sign that is visible to the majority of traffic (Application in process), Lighting is inadequate (Need to add and have it be as energy efficient as possible), Also the majority of the bays could use a fresh coat of paint and scrubbing. 


Congratulations on your new purchase. Where i live many carwashes have switched to a system like this. it has two models being practiced  one is like a gym membership where people pay a monthly payment and receive unlimited  carwashes at multiple levels, and many times you get constant walk-ins. It creates a great alternative where you can have a consistent base income and have additional add-ins to create additional income.

PM me. I have a contact at Hubble Light who can give some guidance on lighting. He brings home some of the r&d led commercial stuff - AWESOME! Super bright and only 10w. Replaces over 100amp and puts out tons of lumens. Way better than what you might find at the big box stores.

I actually just left a company that owned 13 of these exact style car washes. They are cash kings if managed properly. They must be maintained, operational, and in a good location. 

As @Jonathan Wilks  the automated systems are great for getting monthly subscribers, and we had just up fitted 4 of our locations to be able to do this, the downside to that is that you now need someone working on site during regular business hours to sell the packages and apply the RFID stickers to the vehicles. 

That company's main business was home building, and when they went from building 150+ units per year, to 12.... the car washes kept them afloat. 

Thanks all for the info. It is appreciated. 

Hi Chris,

I am super new to real estate investing, but I am a business broker by trade. If I can be of any assistance in offering advice on purchasing an actual business, send me a message. I would be happy to offer what I know!

Anyone know of any car wash properties for sale in the San Diego, Riverside or Orange County areas? I'm particularly interested in properties including land.

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