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My company has been expanding into commercial real estate. We are looking to find the best property management software for commercial real estate management. A little background is that we have 3000+ multi-family units, 300+ single-family residential. We have been using yardi currently to manage that side of the business. Our commercial management will be under a separate entity so it is not crucial that we stick with yardi for the commercial management, but is yardi good for commercial? are there better options out there? 

I thought this would be a good place to start my search.


Yardi is one of the best commercial softwares available. How many commercial properties and tenants are you currently managing?

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Which version of Yardi are you with?   Also, I like Yardi, but switched to Appfolio for the free ACH and 1.00 per unit pricing if that helps.  Yardi and Real Page are awesome, but very expensive.  With the number of units you should have more economies of scale, we are under 400 units currently, I do know it is a long implementation period for both if you need to import existing data.

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