CCIM Institute: Is it worth it?

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Has anyone taken the CCIM Institute courses?  After paying for the classes and the yearly memberships, how well do you feel you know the material...was it worth the money?  I'm considering just going for it, to network, and learn more details in bigger acquisitions.  Pros? Cons?  Any other courses you recommend?

@Isaac Abeyta  

Search the forum and you will find quite a few threads on the subject. I know several people with the designation and they were more than happy with the coursework (mostly brokers though). It's probably the best CRE course work outside of top notch university real estate programs. Just like anything it will take a commitment and a small capital investment. Also if you want to take the course work in person you will more than likely have to travel. They have online classes but half the exposure is networking with other professionals. The in person classes are spread across the country so if you want to complete the certification in under 12 months it will take a significant amount of travel (especially from Wyoming).

There are several investors on the forum that have just taken certain courses and found great value.  As an investor we don't necessarily need the designation (although it could bring credibility).  Good luck! 

I completed the CCIM four course curriculum in 2011. The knowledge gained is well worth the cost in time, effort and money. The CCIM negotiation class is, in my opinion, the best there is. I also recommend Mortgage Banker Association classes (I've taken mortgage loan underwriting and asset management) and buying/studying books devoted to key skills you may need (e.g., I have textbooks on property appraisal, commercial site analysis and CRE syndication in my reference library).

@Isaac Abeyta  I just made the commitment this year to go ahead and get the designation. I took the first course earlier his month, classroom course in Fort Myers. I was very impressed and believe it was worth every penny.

Some of the reasons: excellent material taught by active professionals that really know what theyre talking about, the inspiration of meeting others active in many different aspects of the business, great spreadsheets for property analysis, access to some powerful software for analyzing markets for investment potential.

My goal is to complete the curriculum this year, and I can't wait for the next course. Well worth the money. And compared to what you would pay for similar courses in a college program, it's a bargain in my opinion.

Thank you all for your input.  I recently talked to a local commercial broker who is also an investor.  His insights were equally as valuable.  I believe in bringing as much sophistication as you can to any deal.  If it's worth doing, I believe it's worth doing WELL.  And any classes that can help me improve the way that I conduct business, well, that's a penny worth invested. 

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