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Hey all, I was wondering what podcasts and other resources you all know about for commercial real estate and cre news? What are you listening to / reading that could help? I want to know everything about what is going on in the RE world. And yes, I already listen to the BP podcast. 


I'm trying to learn about the industry as well, and I was recommended by a top broker to read my local business journal (Orange County Business Journal) and Globe Street (www.globest.com).

Thanks for the advice everyone. But what about podcasts? Listen to anything good?

@Bruce Lee  

National Real Estate Investor is a great publication to subscribe to both digitally & by mail. You can sign up for free on their website. They have publications based on asset class as well. CoStar Group provides great news (National Commercial Real Estate News by CoStar Group) on CRE as well. WSJ real estate isn't bad to read either. Beyond that read your local business courier for local commercial real estate news.

What type of CRE are you interesting in? I read HotelNewsNow & Hotel Management magazine to stay up to date on the hotel sector (among others). For multi-family there are several others as well.

I'm not really sure of any iTunes podcast for specific CRE niches though.

Thanks @Chris Winterhalter   . I am trying to invest in Multi family. Not going to well right now I'm afraid.

I've recently found Kevin Bupp's podcast: Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow.   The topics are focused more on the commercial and multifamily asset classes.  If you are looking for a more advanced podcast this could be a good option.

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