learning commericial real estate lingo.

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Hi, my name is tyree. Im intrested in commercial real estate how do i learn the lingo, or language about commercial real estate? Can anyone out there help? Thanks much appreciated.

Tyree, you can go to Amazon.com and find several commercial real estate books. There are books geared to learning the broker side as well as investing and leasing in commercial real estate. Good Luck.

I should add that the forums on BP can be very helpful as well.

Howard thank you, for the information.

also can you recommend me, a reliable book that's good to read.? In commercial real estate? Thank you.


I really appreciate this thanks.

Might see if you can locate some CCIM course materials.

Glad to see you're looking for valid educational materials and not guru stuff, smart move.

Can you imagine being a mechanic and not understanding what a pinion gear is, or how many there may be on that vehicle or its function?

Every industry has a language, if you can't speak it properly you'll have a hard time succeeding in it. :)

Thanks bill :)

When I first started I purchased a CRE dictionary & would reference it all the time. I would flip through it on the couch, during lunch, and after networking events. I would also reference it when reading CRE & investing books. It was actually such a great little tool for learning the lingo. I can't remember the publisher off the top of my head but I did find this on Costar's website...


Also as @Bill Gulley  mentioned nothing is more important than learning the fundamentals.  The basics aren't sexy but they will make you successful over the long term (& keep you out of jail).  Good luck!  

I might recommend an old college textbook. Sounds funny, but honestly if you're ever curious about a term you can just look it up in the book. Also they have a lot of information in them. I'd recommend this one:


wow! You guys have been great help, thank you very much. Im going to look into this thanks again.

As a guy who is also just starting out, I'd suggest reading as much as you can (books, blogs, this site, etc.) and looking up the words and acronyms as necessary.  The words make a lot more sense as you read them in context and as you read about the same topics stated differently by different authors, it starts to click more.  Also, here's a link to another glossary:  http://www.realtor.org/ncommsrc.nsf/files/commercial%20real%20estate%20glossary.pdf/$file/commercial%20real%20estate%20glossary.pdf 

I think I messed up the previous hyperlink and I'm not sure how to edit it.  Hopefully this one work:  Glossary

thanks Lee appreciate, that.

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