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I'm looking for cost effective Real Estate Analysis Software that handles multifamily. Ideally, the software vendor will offer some sort of try before you buy option. The software needs to handle the full range of analysis options and if possible have the ability to create or feed into marketing materials. Lastly, if the software could handle bulk data loads from a spreadsheet, that would be awesome.

Anyone on BP have any ideas?

Nate, I generally analyze my properties with a spreadsheet i built. What kind of analysis are you looking for? What size properties? Feel free to PM me.

I use

It is created by an investor and a CPA. It's been around for awhile.

I paid 99 bucks for it years ago and It does whatever I need it to. It says they have a 30 day money back guarantee on their site but I never needed to use it. It's based off of Excel with a custom program. I save usually and print to a .pdf format.

There are many programs out there but they bilk you on monthly fees with subscription services and you do not own the program. From time to time this system adds new modules you can buy for a cheap price but is not required. I have been fine with what I have.

Hope it helps.     

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