What type of real estate sales should I start in and what brokerage to go with?

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hello everyone,

I have been in phone sales for a few years. I believe I have a passion for real estate. My first question to the veterans out there is how do I decide which real estate game to pursue? Do I pursue commercial real estate or triple net or mortgages? Do I go with a big brokerage or try to work on my own since I have extensive marketing experience for mail campaigns, Ppc, TV commercials, and Dialer capabilities. 

I really believe I want to get started and have a long term career with real estate instead of jumping from one hIt industry to the other. I want to make a name for myself for people to come to me for real estate needs... My question is which sector is best or how do I figure out what's best for me? Again triple net, commercial real estate or mortgages? I would appreciate advice from anyone. Cheers!

You need to drill down for pro's and con's.

I do commercial real estate. I could do commercial loans as well but I let the mortgage brokers work on that side of it.

Well personally I have not done triple net so I cant help you there. On the commercial or mortgages I have to say it depends on your personality.  I have done both commercial and residential sales. I now do both commercial and residential mortgages. I stepped away from the sales side becuse I LOVE numbers. I love helping people find the right fit for there properties. You can find the right properties for your clients in sales. I just personally love the mix of sales, numbers and people that mortgages gives me. This being sed the ability to market yourself is very important no matter what field you choose. For the most part you will be a 1099 (self employed). There for most if not all of the deals you get will depend on how well you can market/sell yourself. On the question about goin/ on your own or with a  brokerage. That's a two part answer. First check your local laws on what is and is not allowed. Second as a beginner I would say with a brokerage (what size depends on your wants and needs)  its faster and easier to learn from someone who has been there and done that  as well as has a somewhat of a vested interest in you succeeding. I say somewhat because they do make money when you do but have many like you and its a numbers game to them. No body has as much vested in your success as you. No matter what path you choose. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice guys. I believe i probably will go to an actual firm. I still dont know which side of real estate I want to do though. I hope to figure that out soon... anymore advice would be much appreciated. 

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