ADA compliance guide California

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@Martin Z.  

I would tread carefully and NOT use the link you provided. 

you can find the code at this link it is longer and a little hard to translate.

Also it is important to keep in mind that the parking requirements as far as quantity for accessible stalls is less for multi family than commercial (dimensions are the same)

You may be interested in getting a CASp report for your property the report will tell you exactly what you need to bring your property into full compliance and certify it. This can help protect you against frivolous lawsuits that are prevalent is CA.

Also, you don't need a CASp to do this.  An architect should be able to handle this for you as they deal with ADA/accessibility on a daily basis.


It would be a really good itdea to have an experienced Architect perform an accessibility review of your property for compliance with accsssibility standards.  The link that @garrickoconnell provided is the one that I would have recommended as well.  

If you are having them just review the parking area then I am in agreement with @davidfet\rette that you probably do not need a CASp.  This would be a good idea if you wanted to do a full property accessibility review.

If you need any more infromatin regarding this please feel free to contact me.

Chad Conrad