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Where do you find investors or corporations that are looking to buy Commercial or Industrial Land for sale?

And what sort of questions should I ask to find out what there criteria are?

Hire a broker. What do you want to contact them for? To sell them property? Or are you wanting to contact them with brokerage services? 

Your question isn't peppered with enough detail to properly provide guidance.

Look at recent sales and see the buyers

Thanks for the replies

First I want to sell land. What does a broker, do, and about how much do they charge (I know different area will charge different amounts, but at least it will give me an idea). And do I really need a broker?

And Second, where would I look for recent sales at?

If you are going to sell land, you should use a land specialist.  Contact a firm like Land Advisors.  They know what they are doing.  Probably charge 3 to 5% but it is worth it, especially for land.

The proverbial question would be the chicken or the egg; Do I first need to have a property under contract to get investors to act; or should I locate investors and then locate a property. I am writing a book on where to locate motivated sellers -- I am an ePublisher and use 14 strategies as Internet marketing: Landing pages. Read my blogs to connect with me..

Allow me to introduce myself. I am known as the white hat specialist when it comes to white hat projects since my background is in Internet marketing but I have 30 years plus in mental health. Finding investors is stressful as much as finding sellers for your deals. One word that comes to mind is NETWORKING. Is it working?

If not; what I did was create a foundation -- a virtual cooperative network --- (still in progress) to connect with potential investors. Connect with me and I might be able to assist as a cooperative since REAL ESTATE IS DAMN COMPETITIVE!!! Except for the Bigger Pocket's community...

So I too desire to locate investors but I was told by a mentor that you have to play a game called hide and seek...or is that you seek and they will hide if you do not even have a property under contract. So you probably have to a find their sweet spot...create a landing page and then entice the individual investor...make it appealing (high return on investment) use software to do a hypothetical scenario --- a sample package -- or list previous deals in the pipeline (if you have any). My sample package is a failed mix-property (RE Brokers and seller was not interested in seller financing) so something negative I turn ed that into something positive and use their deal package but I tweaked the financials...and said something like this as a byline...

"because of my software fine tuning the financials I could not do this for you (individual) or firm (LLC) Mr. Investor since you would not be able to receive your 12-15% Return On Investment...let alone my cooperative getting paid the 3% acquisition fee..."

and then I created a flip book of the RE broker's actuals (underestimated) versus my modifications to get buy-in (high return on investment). 

The cost to set up a landing page is inexpensive and is an alternative to paying high costs for paper direct marketing...hopefully this creates opportunity also for finding sellers...one can only hope. 

So create a landing page to attract investors. To find a web developer look in your own backyard...then Go with your business card and play the game..."I am a real estate investor...do you know anyone who is looking to do projects...I found a multifamily on [insert the location] here then give your 15 minute elevator pitch...when you happen to meet someone at a REI club. Just like the individuals on Shark Tank. Get in the game and do the play...that is what a coach in sports would say.

While I work as a mental health counselor I use stress management on myself, LOL; the landing pages are your salespeople where a potential investor can receive everything from you...while building a relationship....this sets you apart as being perceived as either a beginner or a  pro...I became a pro for the "clout" for support from other member (just like you are receiving from little-o-me a quite, reserved man that now has to become aggressive and even hard-nosed since you will receive more of these...np then yeses. Therefore, the landing page should contain value-laden content necessary to project a professional image. 

Since the goals and objectives are seamless communication which would also be perceived as a virtual cooperation having both integrity and accountability...investors are more apt to consider your "request for proposal" if you have a "business plan." So synch your web site(s) and mobile app created to create an interactive site for investors and then...write articles and blogs as an expert in your area of focus (single-family, multifamily, commercial, etc.) on that landing page which redirects to your involvement on REI web sites. If you feel inclined to do so, join your Chamber of Commerce...go to their drull meetings to identify your potential investors...leave postcards, brochures then promote, promote, promote...and always ask... you will never know if you do not.

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