Any recommended conferences?

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I'm an accredited investor focused on commercial real estate. I invest primarily in funds, office buildings and multi-family. I'm interested if anyone has suggestions for conferences I might be interested in attending, based on my investment focus. There seem to be lots of events for residential flippers and large institutional investors, but I've had difficulty finding conferences for those of us who don't fall into those groups. Suggestions much appreciated-Thanks.

@Mark S, I'd check out Bisnow in Atlanta.  They put together some short (i.e. AM) meetings on all types of real estate.  The panelists tend to be institutional, but because of the entry fee you will meet all backgrounds with an interest in local real estate. 

Hi Mark,

What are you trying to learn about??

Are you trying to buy directly or just shares in a private syndicate or partnership??

You mention office buildings and multifamily. Multifamily is to frothy right now. On the asset class recovery cycle office is the last to recover second only to Industrial right now.

Everything cycles at different times. Medical office has been recovered for some time versus general office.

So basically each cycle lasts about 10 years. They do not all plateau at the same time.

2009 SFR starts to recover, 2010 2 to 4 units, 2011 and up multifamily starts coming back along with single tenant net lease properties, 2012 self storage, 2013 until now retail properties/ medical office are recovering but still great values out there, 2014 Hotels, some office etc. coming back.

Just in the last year industrial is getting hotter. I am talking in broad terms and every market is local.

My focus is on larger apartment buildings and retail properties with some medical office. Total office turn around is tied to business expansion and small startups which has to do with confidence in the economy as a main driver.