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Hi all-

I recently made the leap to go about acquiring my CCIM designation. I have heard that the insight, education, and networking are second to none and the designation really blazes a trail for commercial investments.

I am looking to connect with CCIMs on BP who might be able to shine some light on the designation and recommendations for how to go about completing the coursework. I am based out of Indianapolis and I am ready to get this under way.


@Evan, Kudos! I'm based in Chicago also starting the CCIM journey. I'm forwarding you the profile--linkedin of a professional who is a long time CCIM and is also in leadership for the region. She is a great resource and very committed to encouraging commercial real estate professionals to become CCIMs. I thought you might find this LinkedIn profile interesting: Regina Emberton President and CEO https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=21889151 I sent her an inmessage in advance. Hope it helps. Byam Alexander

I got my CCIM and am currently an in-active CCIM. I used to sell apartment buildings but stopped when the market crashed. 

CCIM is definitely a good thing. I still have all of my manuals and reference them from time to time. Be warned though... when they say PhD of CRE, they mean it; it's complex. If you are looking for a quick income, that's not the best path.

Networking is probably the most valuable piece. Of course you want to learn and study for the test (it is pretty hard) but above all, if I was starting all over with my CCIM education, I would have prepared better by knowing exactly who I wanted in my circles in the coming years.

You will meet some real players... the kind of players that make millions on a single deal. I met one of Donald Trump's brokers. I wish I would have known that I would meet that guy... not because I want an intro to Trump but because if he is able to service clients with that kind of brand recognition and do deals of that magnitude, imagine the deals he says "no" to. Imagine be-friending that guy. People do business with people they like and trust and if you can add value to a guy like that, he will like you, trust you, and he may send you his million dollar listings that he doesn't have time for.

There are some sharp looking cats in those classes but don't let that deceive you. There were 2 guys that I admired... both from different classes. Within a couple years, they were both out of RE. Look for the guys and gals who know more than you do about your business plan; regardless of how they dress/act.

The instructors were helpful and they have alot of connections. But don't over-do it, everyone else is trying to network with them too. Maybe look for things you have in common with them while they are teaching and talk to them about that during breaks. Then you can call them a week later and talk. Better yet, bring a deal to the table. Maybe you can co-list that property with them to gain experience and build rapport.

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