how do i find a buyer for a $300 million apartment?

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where do i find listed apartments that are going for that much as well? is there a database anywhere?

i've looked at loopnet but i cant find any others

You don't.  Buy a plane ticket....back to reality.

There are commercial agents for people and corporations with that kind of money.

Joel Owens can probably expound here but many deals above 10 million are only bought and sold through close networks  they are not advertised

If you're a Grant Cardone fan he detailed a bit in his show about purchasing a total of 2 or 3 apt complexes in SE US that totaled over $100m for the total purchase price in one transaction.  (If memory serves me correct)

Might check out his site and show - think he was bragging on it 1st quarter of 2015.  

Cardone Acquisitions is one of his sites - just Google Grant Cardone/Cardone Zone to find the show online.  He may have also spoke about the purchase on his BP podcast as well.  Haven't listened to it in a while, however do remember it was very entertaining.

You need to send information on your property to fund managers.   There are many that now invest in real estate also.  

Originally posted by @Wayne Brooks :

You don't.  Buy a plane ticket....back to reality.


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