How do i find the owner of a $300 million dollar hotel?

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where do i find his name or any of his records?? seems a lot harder to find this info then a homeowner

Devin, i'v done some commercial deals before and odds of the ownership of the hotel $300m belonging to one single person is fairly slim. It would normally be put into a trust, LLC or Investment group. If you can physically visit the hotel, I'd just drop by, pick up the brochure for the hotel, look at the name plates, or maybe just ask the concierge.

Otherwise, just ask the city for records on who owns or runs the hotel. At $300M, i doubt the ownership entity would be much of a secret.   

Most of the time if you go inside the hotel on the walls there should be a plaque that says "This property is managed/owned by ______" And it should give the city and state they are from or you can look it up on google and it should give you some type of information on the company.

I own hotels. As others mention there should be a plaque somewhere regarding management or ownership. You can also just go to the city records and find the agreements. You can easily find the LLC and cross reference to search for the manager of said LLC.

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