Need a good name for a hotel company, please help

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So we are consolidating some of our hotel assets into a new corporation. We really need help picking a good name, we can't think of anything good. We are looking for something cool and not too long. Basically something like "XYZ" Hotels. We need hotels at the end of the name. Some examples which I like are:

Crescent Hotels

Baywood Hotels

Rockville Hotels

nite light hotels

quiet night hotels

A hotel co.

What type of hotels? Suites, economy, waterfront?
Hospitality Hotels..

Let's make a deal if you like my names or variation of them I'll have first priority to help you finance and refiance your assets.

Eastern Hotels

östlich Hotel

Landmark Hotel

Kleiner Hotel

P.S. How do we e-shake on it?

Do not know what segment your hotels are in ( ie. budget, luxury boutique etc) and if you want the brand to represent that in the name or if you operate under national flag or franchise.

I like the following because you can create great logos to go along with the name.

1. Paloma - dove

2. Palomar - horse

3.Palomino - horse

4. Presidio - castle

5.Arlene -Scottish

6. Isla -  island

7. Viking - norse man or ship

8. Nicolas ( my personal favorite - lol )

have fun

one last one

Hospitium - Greek god of hospitality

@Nicolas Paez

Great names. Thanks.

Man this sure brings back memories. I feel like this is literally the hard part.

Rockville Suites

Rockville Resort

Oh wait, is it in Rockville? Do you foresee any aquisitions in the future?

If so, Ill throw in a few more.  I like to play around with resorts/ villas/ suites/ hotel/ inn, etc. to see which sounds best, so apply all at the end to see which flows best.





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