Commercial tenant is requesting trash service of store front cans

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We have an eight unit commercial strip center with mixed-use tenants including retail and restaurant. One tenant is complaining they are constantly having to remove trash from the parking area and along the store front sidewalk. They claim this litter is coming from individuals that loiter on the premises at night. We provide dumpster service but we do not currently have landlord owned and serviced trash receptacles along the store front. The tenant is asking that we provide trash cans along the store fronts along with service of these cans as part of the "Common Area Maintenance" and allocate the cost proportionately to each of the tenants. This is a bit problematic since most of our leases are not triple-net where we can recoup this CAM charge accordingly.

Is this something that is typically provided by a landlord at a commercial strip center? If not, what other possible solutions could we as landlord offer to this tenant as a sign of good will. What is our obligation to mitigate this apparent issue for one of eight tenants? Our fear is that even if we do provide trash cans and service, it won't prevent the littering and our tenant will still complain.

Trash receptacles are somewhat common but are a pain.  I try to stay away from these for a few reasons.  They have to be emptied regularly and should be lined with plastic bags or else spilled sodas, gunky stuff etc will make them smell.  Regardless, they should be cleaned every so often.  That means hiring someone to do this work on top of the cost of the receptacles.  In my experience, receptacles get vandazlied and stolen.  

What might be better is to get a sweeping service if you don't have it already.  If you do have sweeping, depending on what time of the day they come, maybe they can be asked to come just before sun up to clear away trash left the night before.  This would also be a CAM cost.

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