HI there!

In the last few months, I received about 34 off market commercial real estate property listings. I am still a relative newbie to the residential wholesaling side of RE, and have been advised by an amazing seasoned Investor to not spend time on properties that you can not see or check out. (The listings are in states outside of my own.) I always have visited the properties that I have marketed and wholesaled and do this to assess a clear estimate of repairs so that I know as much about the properties that my buyers would need to know. In this case, there is not a definite way to conduct my own due diligence as I am out of state and do not have associates in the area. The Investor who shared the listings with me does have additional information about the properties upon request.

My question is, what can I do with this list? (Not trying to market them here on BP as my account does not have that capacity) I see that although I can not invest the time needed to determine the scope of repairs and damage, these properties could be an asset to the right individual as there are many different types of properties. I also know that due diligence for commercial properties is more advanced than that of and for residential properties.

Should I ignore the list or try to pass it on? (My buyers list consist of buyers for residential properties only for now)

Is it frowned upon to "charge" for the list? 

Thank you in advance!