Overseas Investors For Commercial Real Estate Development?

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Hi BP... What is the best way to find overseas investors for commercial real estate development projects in the United States? I have some great market feasibility study proposals that yield high internal rate of returns. Suggestions? Thanks. 

Funding sources north of the border might be harder to come across as of late. Canadian investors are definitely looking at the CAD/USD exchange before opening their wallets. 

Personally, I would solidify one or two local investors for a proposed deal and then ask them to expand their network. 

If you're just starting off. Networking is probably the best thing you can do. Talk to anyone in real estate with an accent and find out where they're from. Chances are they will have friends and family in their country of origin. It's a little tougher right now because the US dollar is strong compared to other currencies so you will find less small to medium institutions looking to invest in the US. Connect with anyone who is Chinese. A lot of investors are looking to get their money out of China and invest in real estate. I'm currently working with cbre in Sydney and it's a very similar story. Unfortunately most of the investors I work with are looking for very large deals ie. $20M+. Where exactly are these opportunities located? Are these development opportunities you're talking about?

I work with a lot of foreign investors looking for experienced operators in the U.S. to partner with. Depending on the country and company they have different strategies and property types they will consider. EB-5 is just one way to attract foreign investment and is often used as mezzanine financing rather than straight joint venture equity.

We have development opportunities in Northern California and need investors. Would be happy to hear terms from capital partners.

On EB-5, yes, it is slated for overhaul in September. We are currently closing a round and need 2-3 additional investors at @500k minimum apiece. Any applications submitted before then will use the current rules. Typically you use a Regional Center to demonstrate "indirect" job creation from things like construction labor and materials purchases, but the most important thing is to have a project ready to fund. What you should know about Chinese EB-5 applicants is that current wait times for processing add 15 months to the typical 4-5 year timeframe to recover funds and get conditions removed from Green Card. Investors from other countries can be approved over one year faster.


We have several site currently under contract and negotiating  in Germany  SELF storage

Yes safe and secure and most diversified type of property you can invest in as in ea of our

projects their are a minimum of 700 tenants  and history tells me we have never had more than

6.2% move out per month and normally have that amount or more move back in at a higher 

rental rate .

And Germany is still in its infancy of the self storage industry therefore an IRR of 25% plus

is very realistic.

Happy investing have interest contact me to expand your investments SAFE