Finding Developers when Wholesaling Land

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Hey BP!

Just started my very first marketing campaign and somehow I've been contacted by a seller with just over an acre of raw land. 

My question is, how do I find developers that may be interested in purchasing? I've tried contacting some civil engineers per another forum question, but they all seemed to be firms that weren't the direct purchaser. 

Who else can I contact to find interested parties?

I figured if I could find an interested party, it would be easier to get it sold if they just name their price and I could bring it back to the seller.

I also seen a lot of talk about zoning. Is this still important in a city location? What specific zoning Information do I need and where can I locate this information?

Also, any other tips or information that I should be cognizant about will be greatly appreciated. 

Firstly, you have to envisage what is going to go there? Multi-family versus retail versus office- all depends on location and traffic. Second, you will need to look specifically for the developers in your area that specialize in that area of development. To do this, you must build a network of developers. Usually this is the job of a CRE broker. We have mostly worked with CRE brokers to get our deals done. They know who is looking for what. As for zoning, check with your County office. Good luck!

Contact your local planning departments and ask to be on the mailing list for the agendas for the planning commission. You will get a good feel for who's developing in the area, and what they specialize in, etc. Go to some of the planning commission meetings, business cards in hand. They are public meetings, anyway.