Walmart Vs. Amazon? Effects on Centers?

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The blue pins are the 17 major Walmart closures in the continental US (A couple doubled up, sorry) I promise they are all on there, just most of them are covered up by the green pins that are the majority of the Amazon fulfillment centers. The thing I can't get past is the correlation between stores closed, and the Amazon distribution centers being within "Same Day Delivery" range. 

Anyone else find this curious, especially with Amazon anouncing they are planning a fleet of ocean liners?

Anyone have any thoughts on what the effects of this will be long term? Do you think it is going to affect CR in the short and long term? 

Many of the Texas store that closed are within driving distance of me.  I do not think it has anything to do with Amazon.

They are also opening many stores that are also cover by Amazon same day delivery.

Here most of the closing was related to Walmart Express (a failed idea) and an store location adjustments.

Yes, warning to investors for long term corporate NNN leases. Even, the best like Walmart closes. Been there before.;-To-Exit-Walmart-Express/178903