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Anyone ever rented a commercial building to Starbucks?  A bookkeeping client has a property that would be a perfect location for one.  I told him I'd do some research and see what I could come up with.

I've tried calling the regional office number but I can't get past their voicemail system!

There should be a regional franchise development manager or someone along those lines that manages all the available spaces within that market. I owned a franchise at one point and that was how ours worked. It also can be where you aren't even allowed to open another one depending on the market saturation. I would call the starbucks in the area and talk to the manager, they will know who manages. Or look on Linkedin..

Good Luck!

I have clients that have closed on them before. Biggest thing is if Starbucks even has interest in your location.

Get past that step and then you can look into it further. They tend to be about 1,800 to 2,100 sq ft in design sitting on about 1/2 an acre plus or minus some.

The building is at least 4000ft2, sits on a good sized lot, and already has a covered drive through.  It also sits at an intersection of two major state highways.  I would think they'd at least be interested, but I can't get through to a human being!  Maybe they'll get sick of listening to my voicemail's everyday and at least call me back and tell me they're not interested. :)

Linkedin is a great idea.  I hadn't thought about that.  Thanks!

They do not need 4,000 sq ft. They would have to drive too many sales per sq ft. Typically what you would do with that is create a 2 top tenant. Starbucks on one side with the drive thru and then another tenant for the other 2,100 sq ft.

The last Starbucks I closed they had just opened for business and in the lease Starbucks had 61 a sq ft interior TI credit from the developer.

I love Starbucks and I work in a small town that does not have one. I think it would be great to bring one to town.  However, I do not have any property in the town.  I see several commercial properties for lease.  How should I approach bringing starbucks to town?  I have no money, should I solicit a group of investors that want one in town.

Also sometimes restaurants are very limited in chose.  How do you setup a business that brings in a restaurant franchise like Applebee's. 

Darius go to their website. They will have site location and demographic requirements. They like to see certain population levels, higher median income, traffic count increases etc.

Generally if an area is rural or far out suburban with limited growth those areas do not attract the national tenants.   

Starbucks standard store prototype today is 1400-1800 square feet, and require a minimum of 23 feet of frontage. Off-highway store sites require 2645 square feet; maximum visibility to store and drive-thru function. Provide convenient ingress/egress. Located within 1/4 mile of an interstate or off-ramp.Location should be a natural or known stopping point for travelers. Also prefers 11-car queue (dedicated drive-thru lane). Drive-thru site locations require 1750 square feet, maximum visibility and signage with convenient ingress/egress. Also prefers an 8-car queue (dedicated drive-thru lane with a 12 feet width)/6-car is acceptable. All site locations also require a minimum of 17 dedicated parking spaces.

For most suburban markets, a population density of 50,000 within 3 miles is acceptable, in smaller markets they will consider 25,000 within 3 miles.