Apartment Broker Referral - Southern Califronia

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Hey BP world!  The team i work with has been buying up apartment buildings in Long Beach, CA and we're looking to expand.  I'm looking to network with apartment brokers that work in Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, all the way down the coast to San Diego.  We're buying value add opportunities in these markets.

We're also looking for brokers in the Inland Empire for buy and hold apartment buildings.  Any referral you may have is greatly appreciated!

-Bill Larsen

@William Larsen Not sure if you require a broker, or if an agent will suffice.  But I have personally worked with Account Closed on many occasions.  I know he invests himself, has helped multiple independent owners grow their portfolios and is highly familiar with the San Diego market as a whole.

I definitely recommend him highly.

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Hey @William Larsen, nice to meet you. I'm part of a brokerage team with Alex Garcia, one of the top apartment brokers in the Inland Empire. We actually just had a call for offers today on a 251 unit value-add apartment community in San Bernardino, but we work on deals of all sizes and in all parts of the Inland Empire and eastern San Gabriel Valley. Let's definitely connect and we can send you information on all of the listings we have.