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Hello im Dopah King im a wholesaler in the Philadelphia area but i want to Virtual wholesaling in any martket thats good im looking for bird dogs i will do JV with anyone who like to work with me. Which is market to virtue wholesale at?

This is a really tough thing to do. 

Most wholesalers fail because they're not good at estimating repairs, ARV, building relationships, ect...and that's in a market their familiar with.

Trying to nail down those costs and locate those properties places that you've never been is going to be extremely hard. Is there a reason you don't work to work in your local market?

I agree, you need to know your market, 1 block can be the difference in a house selling for 130k or 100k. Also what services would you be able to provide being a virtual wholesaler? If its properties I can assist you just send me a message. 

@Dopah King I think you need to zero in on a market and find people that way.  Also what are you offering in exchange for someone to share the details of a "good" market with you?  Get some leverage in a particular market and progress that way.  Just my thought.  Good Luck.  Persist and you will win!

Ive done it many times its a matter of setting up a great team! In Cleveland Ohio if anyone wants help I can be boots on the groundd!

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