Looking for Investment Opportunities

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  • Objective is to invest ($1 - $2 MM) into real estate (commercial) considering to receive positive cash flow at least during the first year of acquisition/development with a potentially profitable exit through a sale.
  • How can I understand the effectiveness of property exploitation and potential price appreciation? What are the sources to find deals and good locations?
  • What are the financing options ex. Leaseback, regular debt? Terms, interest and down-payment rate. (that are common in the industry)
  • What are the costs of property management?
  • What are the common methods of commission payment, who bears the cost? Buyer or seller.
  • What's best to be an LLC investor ex. from Europe or a private? Any tax differences?
  • What is more attractive? To buy a new or developing project, or to buy land build then sell? Is it easy to obtain a land for construction? 
  • What are the common installment payment methods and what are the guarantees on already paid portion?