Private Equity Raise strategy? Mixed-use in Austin

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Hello All - I'm an architect in Austin, TX working on raising capital to fund construction on a mixed-use project my office is developing/ designing/ building, and I'd greatly appreciate input on effectively raising capital for a deal like this.  

Raise target of $2.7m, total project cost of about $13m, expected ground-breaking Feb 2018.  We've distributed our initial round of PPMs, mostly to our network of friends & professional acquaintances, and I'd like to expand this effort and find others who'd be interested.  

- I'm new to BP - is this the best forum for this type of advertisement?  If not, where would it go?

- Are there other resources or associations that anyone would recommend for commercial real estate investment dealing?

Many thanks!

@William Lucy an option you can look to use is a crowdfunding website. We just raised $1.93 mil for our ground up development through them. You would need to be able to show some sort of a track record and I think their average raised is like $1.2 mil so you'd need further capital, but it could be a place to look.