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I am in the midst of working with my business partners as we are preparing for upcoming syndications.  Currently, we do not have any under contract but we have been speaking with some investors.  I would like to put together a pitch book to show these investors.  We have experience in apartment investing and other real estate ventures that we would like to leverage to show our success.

We have a general outline of what we want it to look like but are struggling to put together some of the finer details, pages, etc.  I also want to make sure we include everything that we should.

Would anyone be so kind as to point me in the direction of a good pitch book they have seen or have?  Like I mentioned before, I don't want it to be property specific, but essentially shows our plan with past success.

The online version of my who we are, what we do, etc is located on my website. All the best!

@Taylor Witt , I don't have anything that I can send you, but when you say "I don't want it to be property specific" are you meaning that you'll have two books/decks to send to investors; one general one and one property specific? Or do you mean you'll only have one general deck to send out? I think it's very important to show details of the property you're currently trying to acquire - debt service details, IRR, pref, holding period, refinance options, market analysis, renovation plan, etc. One thing to consider is having one deck; the first half or 2/3 dedicated to the current deal, and the back end dedicated to past deals/portfolio performance. One page per property can be very effective if the right information is included.

@Ivan Barratt Thank you, I will be sure to check that out.

@Michael Bishop I will definitely do a property specific pitch book when we have a property under contract, and then I will only present that one with some previous success. What I am looking to do right now, while we don't have anything under contract, is to put something together showing what we are looking for, what are projections would be for our criteria, IRR, returns, and then a case study of a previous investment we have done, etc. I just want to get a pulse on how well it will be received and start gathering interest and expand our investor base.

If you sign up at any of the crowdfunding sites (RealCrowd, CrowdStreet, RealtyShares, RealtyMogul) you will get to see the PPMs and the pitch decks form all the deals. 

However, I have to say that my understand, and I am not a lawyer, is that even if you don't have a property you have to register with the SEC before you can show them.   So my bigger advice is to engage a syndication lawyer now, who you will need anyway once you find a property

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@Taylor Witt You can develop a "mock" presentation outlining your typical business plan - let's assume, value-add on multifamily - on a target property. For instance, go to LoopNet and download the particular for a deal. Analyze it like you would with a live deal and present your findings in the form of a mock investor presentation. 

This has 3 advantages:

1) You get practice analyzing and underwriting deals

2) The more deals you underwrite the better you become in your market

3) You develop credibility with investors and get away from the "new investor" tag.

Best of luck!

@Taylor Witt  i agree with @John Nachtigall and @Ivan Barratt

Take a look at what others are doing and it will give you some great ideas for the types of decks you can put together.  Sounds like you initially are trying to put together a Firm Overview, which will obviously be different to the deck that serves as the Memorandum for a specific syndication, or the Memorandum for a pooled fund.

Remember- investors will read the deck looking for who you are, how you will protect and grow their money, and what is in it for them.  So my advice would be to provide that, but also surprise them a bit - teach them something they didn't know.

I work with a big syndicator of hotel properties (they have like 50 properties or something crazy like that at any given time). I’d be glad to put you in touch - I’m sure you are going to have more help as you grow. Wouldn’t mind putting an experienced investor with growth potential in touch.

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