how to create a map for commercial space?

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Hi, I'm new to commercial investing and would love any feedback. I'm trying to get more exposure for a strip mall that my dad has and I want to make an aerial map of the location of it with labels/pop ups of other notable nearby businesses/streets. Does anybody know of any apps or software to create these types of map images. 

I know google maps has this but I'm looking for something where I can add little logos of the businesses or customize and increase the font sizes of the labels.



You mean like this? I had this in Microsoft Word

If the strip mall is in the same county as Springfield, Il then you may want to check out the interactive mapping applications published by your local GIS department.

If you can capture an image here and do what you want in Word then that may be the easiest thing to do but if you are wanting a more professional style map then the next step may be some dedicated software designed for that purpose (or getting with someone who has the software).  

Depending on how detailed you want to get, you could use a specialized GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software such as ArcGIS (there is a home version $100 that is far less than the commercial version $1500+) but that is probably overkill for what you are wanting to do.  Many local governments use ArcGIS and have data available for download in this format. Data is sometimes free and some charge - just depends on where you are located.  It looks like your county uses ArcGIS from the applications they have on their site.

There is also a open source GIS software called QGIS that might be useful as well.  While I have not used it, there are many who use this for some time before they outgrow it and move to another software. I spend my professional days working with ArcGIS and you can make gorgeous maps with it but it has a learning curve.   Then there are all the others MapInfo, AutoCad, ... and others.

Good Luck! Amy

I pay companies to do that stuff. Few hours of work maybe 70 bucks to 100 bucks or so.

Jordan Lipsey does some of that.

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