Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

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My question may be more of a legal/ethics question rather than an investment question. I am a real estate agent and our office is starting a commercial division. I have a potential customer who does land acquisition for a developer. Being we have so much land on the market in our area, I thought other developers might be good clients. I have considered contacting them via their website using their "Contact Us" link. I'm wondering if this would be a good way to introduce myself and offer my services as a CRE agent. Would this violate any soliciting laws or be an ethics issue?

That is a question for your principal broker or your (designated broker in charge) at the firm where you hold your license.

To tell you the truth most of those emails won't go to the right person you want to me. LinkedIn is amazing. I use it EVERYDAY you can look up the buyers, seller, developers -and CEO, Founders, VPs, Acquisitions people. When you add them on LinkedIn add a note and introduce yourself. Then you can call them once you connect and then you won't be a cold calling them. It will be a warm call.

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