Using Adwords or Other PPC to Find Motivated Commercial Sellers

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Hey all,

Anyone out there using Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, etc to find motivated seller leads for commercial properties? Good or bad in your experience?

Have you found any success or failure with anything specific?

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We use Google Adwords to find TIC buyers for our commercial properties - we get a lot of hits to our website, but conversion rates are low.

@Ryan York Your add content is critical just like in direct mail. Are you looking for all sellers, people in some sort of financial trouble, etc. It is like that saying "when the student is ready the teacher will appear". Meaning that you may have to be out there several months in order to get one good lead. It is all about the message of your add and the message on the landing page after they click thru. Do you close quickly, pay cash, work with buildings that need lots of work, etc. I would set up 3 different landing pages one for each type, i.e. tired landlord, in some sort of money trouble, and maybe one for need to close in 30 days. Just ideas, hope that helps. Please let us know how and what you did that worked. Good luck

@Pat G. thanks Pat. Good ideas. I’ve used adwords for residential with good success for a while but I feel that the commercial space may be different.

I wondered if anyone had success or failure with similar keywords or something else. From what I can see, not nearly as many people are searching for things like sell my commercial property fast as compared to sell my house fast.

I’m sure many of the underlying motivations are similar but do they act in a way that’s similar to a distressed residential property owner?

Hi @Ryan York   

A very unique and new strategy I think you can exploit is IP targeting. This type of advertising allows you to show ads to specific addresses, office buildings, businesses, etc... This is a very powerful way to market due to the fact that every device connected to the Internet has an IP address. Do not mistake IP targeting with Geographical targeting. IP addresses are not referenced by phone number or zip code, IP addresses are linked to where ever the device is located, which can be anywhere.

By targeting a person IP you will be able to make laser focused messages to those specific IP addresses and it's cheaper than other marketing forms. due to this laser-focused targeting you will find that your campaign will have very high response rate. Ultimately closing a lot more deals.

Now your probably wondering how the [email protected]#$ would I do that!

First, you actually need a list of IPs and acquiring them isn't the easiest to try to do by yourself. However, there are a few companies that will be able to help you with the task. If you take the addresses of the commercial properties you may be able to effectively match it to IP addresses. keep in mind however you will only probably get 50% from that method. so if you have a direct mail list of 4000 x .50 you would get around 2000 give or take. You can then show specific ads and retarget to these 2000 leads.

Of course, as with every marketing method there comes its drawbacks. Without getting into the techy side of things, ultimately you may run the risk of sending your ad to the wrong person since you would be relying on the database of certain companies. Like I stated before IP addresses may not correlate to specific geographic location, it's specifically assigned by a users ISP

IP targeting is the most cost-effective method of marketing if an advertiser wants to target a specific interest, in your case this would commercial property owners. You will be able to serve targeted messaging to match the user’s needs or interests.

I implore if your thinking of trying this to do your own extensive research to find a company that is experienced with IP targeting and obeys privacy laws.

I wish you the best of luck if you have any questions or concerns I would be more than happy to answer.

-Angel-Ty Lebron

@Ryan York This is an interesting idea, but as you said up above, not as many people are searching for "How to sell my commercial property fast"... Not always but a good amount of the time commercial property owners are going to be more sophisticated investors with higher net worth's and will not need to dump their building to make a car payment. Additionally, the issue I see with what @Angel-Ty L. said is that targeting the building itself is not going to return results because more often than not the building owner does not have their offices in the building. You might have luck if the mailing address linked to the property is a physical address and not a PO box. Honestly I think your best bet is going to be getting in tight with a commercial brokerage in your area who focuses on the asset type that you are interested in. At my brokerage we specialize in retail and could more than likely find you a handful of properties in disrepair in that space. I would call some brokers around you, its free and easy to track your metrics. Best of luck.  

@Angel-Ty L.   Very interesting approach.  Have you used IP Targeting before? Do you know any reputable company that does it?

@Henri Meli I personally myself have not used IP targeting, however I’m looking forward to trying it in the future. What seems to be the most reputable company that offered IP targeting is . I cannot tell u my personal experience with any companies, but I think if u do some digging u can find reviews of people of tried some of these IP targeting companies
Best of luck
-Angel-Ty Lebron

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