Looking for Commercial Broker recommendation

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Hi BP community,

I am looking for recommendations on commercial real estate brokers in the Minneapolis St Paul area. Preferably someone who is experienced, well connected, knows the market, and does a lot of deals in the area. Thanks!


Bilal my firm has an office in Minneapolis filled with talented brokers. Do you need help listing a property or representation to buy? office, industrial or retail?

@Taylor Hazard Looking to buy retail with long term lease and something that is "Amazon proof". Other perks like minimal to no management where the retailer is responsible all property maintenance and taxes and has a great credit rating. Not is a rush to buy but want to wait and find the right deal. Nothing on sites like loopnet really pop out.

@Bilal A. , I have a very good agent I work with in CRE. He has significant experience in retail and the company he works for has management services in-house. Their focus is to provide a hands off investment property for their clients. I'd be happy to introduce him to you! Let me know.


I have a friend who is a commercial real estate broker doing deals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. If you would like me to connect you two, I would be happy to. Let me know.