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We are currently exploring various CRM software platforms that offer transparency for our investors and also add efficiency in back office applications. Specifically, we are looking for a web-based software that provides document storage, investor database, online portal for investors, marketing of future projects, fundraising, portfolio management, investor relations, acquisition management, and perform complex distribution calculations. 

So far I have identified the following platforms, IMS (Investor Management Services) and Dynamo's Real Estate Edition. Has anyone used these platforms? What did you like and dislike?

If you use another platform, what was it and, your pros and cons? Thanks in advance!

This is going to feel like it is coming from left field, but you really SHOULD take a look at lessannoyingcrm.com  Yes, that is its url and name.  It's hilarious, I know, but the CRM is incredible.

It's only $10 per month per user, and has amazing capabilities that the company will even customize to your business model.

I imagine that they would set yours up similarly to a business with employees, and assign your investors as employees so that they have access to certain areas of the crm that you deem accessible.

You have to cehck it out.  There's a short 3 minute video on their site that gives you the idea.

I started using it less than a month ago....and LOVE it.  

BTW, I have no affiliation with the company, and don't receive anything for sharing my experience.  I am just a happy user.

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