Looking for a Securities Lawer in Boulder/ Denver

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Hello BP, I would like to start a syndication group among fellow real estate agents and would like to have a sample contract/business plan to show how the company would be structured and to give confidence to potential investors. I am wanting to discuss options with a Securities Lawer in and around the Boulder/Denver area.

@Dustin Frank Attorney's that practice SEC law can practice anywhere in the US.  Unless you are planning to sit with them over lunch, it does not matter where they are.  Even though my attorney is in my state of California, I have never met with her for official business face to face.  Here are two that will give you a free consultation over the phone. @Jillian Sidoti @KimLisa Taylor.

Hi @Dustin Frank, I am happy to help you. I just sent a connection request. Thanks. 

@Daniel Hyman , thanks for the shout out! @Dustin Frank , unfortunately, I am a real estate and business attorney and I don't practice securities law.  However, I am happy to provide a referral should you need one.  I am also happy to discuss entity creation and your other needs on the business side of the syndication deal. 

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Hey @Drew Fein - let's chat! I am always looking for another corporate type attorney to refer business out to. I am especially interested if you do real estate law. Thanks! 

@Juan Vargas - thank you! You are so incredibly kind. We have a ton of free stuff on our website and free educational webinars if you just want to learn first. You can find our site in my signature below.

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