equity injection SBA rule change?

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SBA  rule changes  SOP 50     Isn't self storage considered as real estate purchase?  It can't be moved from the real estate it is on.  I have a transaction on self storage units with seller carry-back on down payment of 10% on 3.3 million dollar purchase. SOP 50 refer to business purchase.  I don't believe that applies to self storage as a purchase.  Lender having challenge understanding rule.  Waiting on clarification.  Has anyone been in a transaction with seller financing dealing with this equity injection rule change and found a solution?

It sounds like you are purchasing the real estate and the business. With the new SOP, if you are putting in 10% equity, only half of that can come from the borrower and be counted as equity and has to be on standby with no repayment for the full life of the loan.