Commercial Broker Long Beach, WA

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Any commercial agents in Long Beach, WA out there?

Alex it might help to say what you are after?

Commercial could be anything from a mom and pop retail space for 200,000 versus a 20 million retail center,apartment building etc. 

Hey @Joel Owens , I'm looking for a buyers agent for an apartment building. Was hoping for a contact on BP before I started cold calling brokerages. Small community so might be a long shot.

What size apartment building ?

Typically brokers that do 10 million dollar buildings do not sell 1 million dollar ones. An exception could be if where you are is a small town and the brokerage there does it all.

You get more into strong suburban and urban core things are more specialized in asset classes and price point ranges.

Long Beach has about 1500 residents, not too many assets will be over a million. It's a 16 unit building. I think this is one of those exception areas that do both.

I don't think you'll find any brokers that do solely commercial in Long Beach.  I own property out that way and have considered apartments there in the past.  Never found a broker that specialized in commercial.  You looking at the Beach Center apartments?  I had my eye on that property for a bit.  Seemed like a reasonable value - especially if you convert a few of the apartments to short term rentals.

Hey Brady thanks for the information. Yes I was looking at them, I reached out to the listing agent but they ended up going under contract that day. Those were my thoughts as well, convert a few.

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