CCIM Designation: is it worthwhile?

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Hi BP,

I've considered taking the CCIM coursework to bolster my investment analysis. Is it worth it paying for the course or paying to keep the designation active? If anyone experienced with the course, or the designation, is willing to comment I would appreciate their insight. 

In terms of my goal: I'm interested in digging deeper into the true commercial side of real estate investing; retail, office etc. However my experience and goals are residentially oriented, even if it means operating larger MF properties. Additionally, I am a residential agent with KW but I don't use my license actively nor have I had specific plans to pursue a commercial license. Given that, I have an open, impressionable mind!

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Commercial brokerages are very different from residential. They prefer MBA, CCIM active designation. Tireless energy.

KW has a commercial division, I understand they have so little presence and low inventory many major commercial brokerages do not even coop with them.  Unless you have strong connection and have a good position waiting for you schooling is not going to get you far.

Thank you for your reply, @Sam Shueh . I had a feeling obtaining and holding the designation may not be necessary for me, I have no current plans of pursuing a commercial real estate license. Nonetheless, do you think the coursework is valuable enough to pursue? I like to think I am pretty savvy with my investment decisions but there is always more to learn. 

So I’ve taken all the courses and they do provide detailed analysis knowledge. Although your reasons for going through the courses may be different than most, I do believe it may be worthwhile. Great thing about them is that they are all taught by practicing commercial RE professionals thus all the info is up to date.

Also you get a lot of analysis spreadsheets with each course. Use them all the time.

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