Help with estimate for 14,000+ sq ft mixed-use rehab in NH

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We are looking at our next project, and it's a big one!  Our only problem is that we need help accurately estimating the rehab costs.  Does anyone know a contractor who has specialized in mixed-use rehabs and has worked on similar projects in the area?

The building is a majestic high-profile building about 30 minutes north of Portsmouth, NH and we see a great mixed-use community that will pull people from places like Dover, Somersworth, Rochester, the Maine Seacoast communities (Eliot, York, Kittery, Berwick, etc.), and all of the Lake Winnipesaukee communities, with artist lofts and commercial space for a restaurant or brew pub in an unsaturated market.  We have toured the building, which is structurally sound.

There is other interest in the building, but our sense is that the owner doesn't love the offer on the table or that party's intent for the building.  Most of what we've investigated has been entirely residential, so we are looking for a project manager or engineer in Southern New Hampshire who might have experience in this area.  Thanks!!

Hey Jasoon,

We own a couple of similar buildings in Manchester NH. I have GC I can recommend if you wanna DM me. Also, I would definitely get multiple bids as the rehab budgets on projects like this tend to have a much wider range then sfh rehabs in my experience.

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I am a investor and a contractor in that local market. so feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to chat about the market.  If you DM me we can exchange contact information

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Hi @Jason Muth , my company frequently acquires these types of projects (though we have our hands a bit full with some of our existing projects in Concord and Manchester right now) including in the area that you're talking about.  Would be happy to weigh in on what you're looking at and give my two cents.  Feel free to shoot me a message!  

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