Seeking residential or commercial broker

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Have been flipping homes for 2 years (on the side). Recently received my Florida real estate license to gain access to MLS and to see where this new credential takes me. Seeking like minded broker in beaches area. Considering entering commercial real estate industry.

@Tammy Taglieri Congrats on getting your real estate license! If you're considering to enter commercial RE industry, why not to call commercial brokerages directly and ask to join?!

Also, if would be good for you to start networking with the local investors if you haven't yet. Go to local REI clubs events and talk to people. You can even ask for best investor-brokers recommendations there. In order to find these, you should register on Meetup site and join at least one REI meetup. Once you do that, meetup will start sending you a ton of suggestions for more groups to join.

If you'd like to chat further feel free to PM.