Small Retail/Office Development

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Looking for some feedback on a small retail/office development project.  Looking at very nicely located property with existing 5,000 sq ft of rental space split among 3 tenants.  Property has space to develop and build an additional 5-7,000 sq ft additional space.  Property is located in North Carolina and our plan is to utilize it as follows:

     +/-   750sf of Office Space for our own use.

     +/-1,750sf of Salon Space.

+/-2,500-4,500sf would be split amongst 1-2 additional tenants. Currently have interest.

Questions are:

     -Property topography does not permit a gravity sewer connection.  Arch/Eng'r are suggesting a Grinder pump similiar to (Zoeller Sewage Package System Model 912, .  Looking for Good, Bad, Ugly thoughts and costs associated with this?

    -Anyone have any detailed spreadsheets with all line item costs indicated for this type of project?  Trying to make sure I don't miss anything in my cost budgeting.

Thanks in advance!

Are you asking for the line item cost for the grinder pump project? I suggest you get a quote from a few contractors and contact the manufacturer for maintenance costs. Since you are building new your maintenance costs will be the lowest it can possibly be for the addition. 

Your project is unique and there may not be a an existing line item spreadsheet.