Charitable LLC and 1031 exchange

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@Jason R. , That's kind of a "green or blue" kind of question.  What is the real question behind the question?

If I want to make a donation of real estate to a charity I would donate it to a charitable organization.  If I want to make money and build my real estate portfolio I will use the 1031 exchange.

Originally posted by @Jason R. :
Would you transfer a property to a charitable LLC or 1031 exchange? Let me know your thoughts.


The Charitable LLC is a much more powerful structure than a 1031 exchange. Its a very sophisticated structure, so just make sure you know and understand the mechanics of it. You will only be able to deduct up to 50% of your AGI and you can carry the contribution forward for 5 years. The funds inside the LLC will then be growing tax-free forever. That tax savings is re-invested/distributed to charity and can be used to purchase a very large life insurance policy that serves as the mechanism to replace the wealth that you donated to charity. The manager role of the LLC can be passed on to your heirs to insure that the next generation can repeat the process.