Self storage investing.

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There is an 84 unit self storage facility for sale in my area and I know that if bought and managed correctly they can be a good investment. I’m seeking some advice on what to look for in my due diligence. Maybe some benchmarks or questions to ask to know if it’s a good deal or not. They are asking $450k and they’re claiming that the gross income for 2017 was $73k. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

Hey Ben,

Check out my blog here on BP called "All Things Self Storage".....I think it will give you a decent overview.  You can also message me if you'd like and I can give you a few more resources.

You should also search "self Storage" as a lot of threads have info I think you will find valuable.  Lastly, be sure to set up "self Storage" as a keyword alert so you get notified when others mention it here on BP.