Hello Bigger Pockets!

I have listened to 43 episodes of Bigger Pockets and I would like to become more involved.  I am a Navy service member, Active Duty, currently stationed in Maryland.  I have two short termed vacation rentals 18 minutes outside Disney World Orlando FL.  I have built a home in Maryland, and after listening to so many podcasts I am interested in investing in multi family homes less than 6 units. 

My question to other investors out there with commercial +5 units multi home: Is it worth building a 5-6 unit building in a multi unit zoned area? and if so, what kind of hurdles should I account for in planning my strategy?

I have read and been inspired by Lance A. Edward's book: "How to make Big Money in Small Apartments", and would like feedback from other perspectives. 

Thank you all in advance!


Francisco Avila