Analyzing Medical Condos

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Hello Bigger Pockets: 

I am in Chandler, AZ and I've started looking at Medical Condos as a potential investment. I mean true "condos", not stand-alone medical buildings or home care. I did a search on the forums and didn't see a lot of discussion on this topic. 

Aside from financials and the overall health and condition of the full building and association itself, what special considerations should be used in analyzing one of these deals?

It would seem to me that health care is more recession proof than other types of businesses, doctors would be [relatively] easy tenants to have, and the price point of these condos are not price-prohibitive. 

Here's an example of what I am looking at ->

This one even has a lease to own option (although I am wondering if they mean owner-user or it that deal is for investors too?).