Commercial Offer to Purchase

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I need some recommendations or advice. My business partner and I offered a cash purchase for a smaller commercial property. We made the offer based on the numbers we were given for current rents and vacancies. We made the offer and the listing agent sent me an update with numbers before he was going to submit our offer Turns out the new numbers adjusted our NOI to 1/3 of what we were expecting. How should I move forward? When I met with this listing agent he said some of the MTM leases weren’t originally included in the rent roll which was great because we would be expecting to get more than the NOI we projected. Now all of a sudden the total rent including the MTM is 1/3 of what we expected. Any thoughts or recommendations would be great. I’m not sure it was meant maliciously just to get more offers or not but that’s how it feels. Mason

Plug the numbers into this pro forma to see what your real profit will be. Income and expenses magically change once you see them in writing. I just got an income report from an owner who lives in his multifamily property and he recorded $9000 in rent from his own apartment that he lives in! he really renting his own apartment to himself and paying himself rent? Interestingly, he was renting his own apartment to himself for a really high rent, higher than any other rent in the building! Easy come, easy go, there will be another one...